Mini-games Customized Development

Smooth interaction experience, strong algorithm support, improve the user-retention.

Standard Deliverables

01. Product Solution

Structure diagram, flow chart, function list, professional and clear product plan, injecting success gene into the project.

02. Product Prototype

Axure source file, clearly shows context and details of product, ensure that the actual planning is as you think.

03. UI Layout

An interactive model that better fits the scene and user needs, and builds an easy-to-interpret communication mode for the brand and users.

04. Phased Acceptance Version

Deliver an experiential test version phasedly, allow you to fully experience product, and provide effective feedback.

05. Technical documentation

Complete technical documentation, provide strong support for subsequent optimization of your product.

06. Source Code

Let you completely control your project, and provide comprehensive escort, save effort and carefree.

Service Process

Post Demand

Standardized communication process let project develop rapidly.

Discussion on Cooperation

According to market target, make feasible product plan and gain advantage in competition.

Polish Product

An interactive model that better fits the scene and user needs, and builds an easy-to-interpret communication mode.

Professional Development

Full-stack development, provide convenient, stable and safe technical services, to achieve your product inspiration.

Deliver and Launch

Complete usability testing, so that once the product launched, it can be promoted.

Perfect After Sale

Delivery is not the last step in the service, and perfect after-sales let you no worries.

Service Assurance

Efficient and Clear Service Process

Standardized service process specification, timely communication, efficient cooperation, from business communication to follow-up service guarantee, save effort and carefree.

High Availability Code Development

Professional XunXing management tool, through standardized code implementation, reduce development costs, and promote efficiency.

SCRUM Fine Project Management

29 items of node monitoring, 32 items of deliverable documents, one-to-one service by veteran project manager, refined and continuous control.

Professional and Reliable Team Service

We deeply learn and understand various fields, grows together with our brand partner, provides the service specially, so that we can complete project attentively and efficiently.


XunXing Software Development Quality Control Standards

Not only done, but also done well

Product Design
Interaction Experience
Development of Specification
Delivery Standards

Product Design

1、We prioritize product functions.
2、The product concept is determined from four aspects: usage scenario, facing users, problems and competitive products.
3、Unified overall design, put an end to appear different design at the same function.
4、Record requirement in time, version number standardization.
5、The progress is managed with visual tools to make it clear, transparent and traceable.

Stick to deliver quality products, we believe only valuable products are trustworthy.

We develop products for hundreds of brand partners, and gain recognition from more than 50 industries.

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